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Dear Members and Friends
The year has flown by and I wanted to take the time to thank our kind and generous ADSA community and for supporting our organisation and its broad aims;
1.To alleviate the pain and suffering of our members and friends through counseling and appropriate referrals from Dr Deleuil for additional specialist reviews.
2.Assisting members and friends through the journey to attaining fair and just compensation outcomes.
3. Providing financial and political support for our underfunded amazing researchers and Doctors.

Sadly I have to say with deep regret that after 36 years we are still fighting for fair and just compensation for our asbestos diseases sufferers. Western Australia is still behind the Eastern States more sympathetic Governments. So we have a lot more work to do in 2017.
We look forward to your kind and continuous support throughout the New Year and on behalf of myself and my staff we wish you a happy, peaceful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

Please note for the festive season, the ADSA office closes on:
Tuesday 20th December 2016 and reopens on Monday 9th January 2017. Should you have any concerns please leave a message on our office phones as these will be monitored.

On behalf of Myself, Rose Marie, Dr Deleuil and the ADSA staff - Merry Christmas
Robert Vojakovic

Health Checks for Community Members Esposed to Deadly Asbestos Fibres

The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia Inc is concerned at the increasing numbers of cases of the deadly asbestos caused cancer mesothelioma in the community from DIY renovations. You can expect to find asbestos products in homes built pre-1987 in various forms (eaves, fences, old floor tiles depending on the year your home was built in). Precautions can be taken to seal and or remove these please refer to Worksafe WA.

If you are concerned about your exposure whether through your work or through DIY renovations please call our office 1800 646 690 to arrange a health check with our Doctor. The disease mesothelioma has a latency period 0f 25 – 40 years. With the majority of cases developing in the 35-40 year period since exposure.

Our numbers are: 1800 646 690     08 9344 4077

Quoting a Kenyan proverb ...
"We do not inherit the earth from our parents, rather we borrow it from our children."

The principal aim of this website is to provide information on asbestos, its risk and to initiate programs to reduce the fourth wave of asbestos diseases which has already begun, and inevitably will become more insidious if exposure to asbestos in public and private buildings, schools and the environment is not abated.

President of the Asbestos Diseases Society,
Robert Vojakovic AM JP 
Spokesperson for and on behalf of
the Asbestos Diseases Society